HURON Program

Solidarity for Justice

June 7, 2017: On the 13th Death Anniversary of Mr. Krishna Prasad Adhikari, HURON along with various civil society organizations organized a peaceful demonstration of solidarity with Gangamaya Adhikari, to draw the attention of Government of Nepal. Mr. Adhikari -17 years old, was killed in 2061 BS in Chitwan by then Maoist during the decade-long civil-war.

His mother, Gangamaya Adhikari has been in hunger strike for the past seven years, demanding justice for the innocent. Her husband Nanda Prasad Adhikari had passed away, succumbing to hunger strike in 2014. Along with her husband Gangamaya Adhikari had been demanding justice for their son.

HURON President, Mr. Indra Prasad Aryal & INSEC Chairperson, Mr. Subodh Raj Pyakurel lighted lantern during the day time, wishing for the blind government to guide them to light so justice could be delivered.


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