Ways to Get Involved with HURON

If you want to get involved with HURON, here’s how

1.Join the ever-growing list of membership: Currently, there are 40,000 general members in all 75 districts.

2.Register Human Rights Violations: Register Human Rights violations in your locality and make a difference. HURON investigates, advocates, lobbies and recommends human rights violations in Nepal to National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the concerned ministries of Government of Nepal. (See FAQ for for info on this).  

3. Create an activism campaign: Let is know of your plans and we will act alongside.

4.Training, Conferences & Seminars: Join us in our search for specialized training sessions, local & regional level conferences and seminars.

5. Blog: Write to us, your thoughts, opinions and stories. We are committed to raise to voice of the voiceless.



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